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Belt conveyors do these three things, and the efficiency is increased by 3 times!

Belt conveyor equipment is essential for sand and gravel production, and the management and maintenance of such equipment is enhanced during use to ensure the proper operation of sand and gravel production. Due to the special nature of sand and gravel production, the requirements for safe production are very high. Xulang Heavy Industry and everyone share the maintenance and repair methods of belt conveyors.

Maintenance and repair of belt conveyor

1. Preparation before starting up

When the belt conveyor is turned on, it should be fully prepared before starting the machine. It should be strictly checked the safe operating environment of the power transmission system, clean the surrounding environment, ensure that there is no messy dirt, the pipeline is neat, and the mechanical equipment Whether some of the protection devices are in a normal protection state, the tightness of the tape should be strictly notified to prevent various failures during operation.

2. Strict observation during operation
During the operation of the belt conveyor, the corresponding start signal should be issued before starting the machine. After the confirmation response is received, the start-up can be started. After the start-up, the operator should also strictly observe the various sound signals emitted by the mechanical equipment after the start-up. Make sure that the tape runs smoothly. If there is a deviation in the position of the tape during operation, it should be handled in a timely manner.
3. Preventive measures and precautions

(1) The belt conveyor is normally started when there is no load, and stops after the material is discharged.

(2) When a person works above the belt or repairs the belt, the power must be turned off and locked.

(3) The operator should stop and lock when leaving the conveyor, and the guardrail at the rear of the belt conveyor must be placed on the side.

(4) When the belt conveyor is used to clean coal, debris or other work, it must be in contact with the nose and the belt switch should be de-energized and locked. After the processing is completed, you can input the power.

(5) When the belt is running, do not clean the sand, coal, debris or other work.

(6) Feeding to the belt conveyor should be evenly fed, and the feeding funnel should not be filled too much to overflow the material.

(7) The working place of the belt conveyor should be kept clean.

(8) Ensure that the motor, fluid coupling and reducer have good heat dissipation conditions.

(9) Check the working condition of the cleaning equipment. The surface of the conveyor belt after cleaning and the driving roller should not adhere to the debris.

(10) When loading, ensure that the material is placed in the middle of the conveyor belt and cannot be directly installed at a large height to prevent large materials from smashing the conveyor belt.

(11) During the operation, care should be taken not to start the equipment frequently.

(12) Before operation, attention should be paid to whether the hydraulic linkage shaft leaks oil. If oil leakage is found, it should be treated in time, and the oil quantity should be checked regularly. If the oil quantity is insufficient, it should be replenished in time.

(13) Always check the tension of the fuselage wire rope. If there is slack, please tighten it immediately. After tightening the rope, pay attention to check that the conveyor is not biased.

(14) The drum should be inspected regularly, the grease ring should be filled with grease, and the flexible roller should be replaced immediately.

(15) The conveyor belt does not slip along the drive roller, and the conveyor belt should be loosened immediately.

(16) It is found that the deviation of the conveyor belt should be corrected immediately, and the edge of the belt should not appear.

(17) To check the belt joint, it should be repaired or replaced in time, and the wedge on the rope card should be tight.

(18) There should be no long iron in the material being conveyed to avoid cutting the conveyor belt when the conveyor belt is disconnected.

In the process of mine operation, due to the harsh environment and complexity, especially in the process of mechanization, the safety performance of the use is extremely high. Only by strengthening the management of mining machinery and equipment and ensuring the safety performance of its use can Effectively improve the efficiency of sand and gravel production to ensure the economic and social benefits of sand and gravel production.


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