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How to reduce the amount of water flowing through the sand? Teach you 4 kinds of fine sand recycling methods!

Bucket sand washing machine

Spiral sand washing machine schematic

1. Use multi-stage sedimentation tank sedimentation

The sedimentation tank is equipped with a 3-layer sedimentation device, so that after the sand washing wastewater flows into the sedimentation tank, it will precipitate layer by layer after a period of time. Due to the heavy specific gravity of the sand and mud, the sand and mud can be separated after a long time of precipitation.

The shortcoming is that it requires a long time of sedimentation work, and it needs to occupy a large area of sedimentation tank. In the later stage, manual removal of mud sand is required, which requires a lot of labor cost and time cost.

2. Equipped with dewatering screen equipment

The sand washing waste water is discharged to the sieve surface of the dewatering sieve, so that the lost sand can be recovered.

The disadvantage is that only raw materials containing little or no mud can be recovered. If there is a lot of mud, it will not be recycled, because the recycled sand and sand mixture.

3. Recycling using a fine sand recycling machine

The sand washing waste water is discharged to the lower water tank of the fine sand collector, and the mixed mud sand water is pumped to the cyclone separator by the slurry pump, and then discharged to the sieve surface, the fine sand is discharged along the sieve surface, and the mud and water are returned to the lower water tank. , forming a cycle from which the sand in the wastewater is extracted.


The fine sand recycling machine should pay attention to two points during the use:

(1) Do not put materials when starting. After turning on the air for a few laps, put the materials again, which can reduce the burden on the equipment.

(2) The total power must be considered when configuring the transformer. Some voltages can be properly configured to avoid low-voltage operation of the equipment and ensure normal operation of the equipment.

4. Add chemical agents

The drained sand water is discharged into the water tank, and the chemical agent can be added to rapidly condense the mud sand into flocs to achieve rapid separation of the sand mud and water. However, this method is mainly applied to the recycling and utilization of fine coal in the slime industry. It has certain limitations when used in sand and gravel yards, and cannot be popularized for the time being.


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