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"Reuse" of construction waste, resource processing and turning waste into treasure

With the rapid development of China's economy, the environment in various regions has also suffered from different degrees of pollution, and the emergence of a large amount of construction waste is a headache. In order to regenerate construction waste, Xulang Heavy Industry Mobile Crushing Station has emerged. Its successful launch not only solves the problem of urban construction waste, but also increases the user's income, which is a two-pronged approach. So how does the mobile crushing station work, how to make construction waste "turn waste into treasure"?

The mobile crushing station can be combined with various equipments to make the construction wastes form different products after processing, and use them in various places, such as E-breaking mobile crushing station, counter-shocking mobile crushing station, vibrating screen moving crushing station, cone breaking and breaking Station, box type mobile crushing station and other combinations. The crushing and screening equipment of the mobile crushing station enables the user to complete the crushing and screening operations in one time, and obtain the material size and output required by the user. The crushing station includes a primary crushing station, a secondary crushing and screening station, and a belt conveyor. The cooperation of the crushing stations at all levels enables the mobile crushing station to perform better operations. So what can be used after the processed recycled garbage?

1. Construction waste can produce recycled aggregate

The coarse and fine aggregates are produced for the abandoned building concrete and the abandoned masonry, and can be used for the road base layer of the road, and can also be used for producing concrete of corresponding strength or for building materials such as floor tiles and wall boards.

2, construction waste can produce environmentally friendly bricks

The aggregate produced by processing and crushing waste bricks can be used for recycled bricks, blocks, etc., and the recycled permeable bricks are made of recycled aggregate and cement as main raw materials and processed through a series of processes with strong water permeability. Brick.

3, construction waste can be ground reinforcement

As a filler, waste bricks, scrap steel slag, gravel and other construction waste left by old house renovation and demolition have a lot of reinforcement effect on the foundation after a series of processes. This technology can save basic investment compared with other common technologies. About 20% or so.


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