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  • Circular vibrating screen
Circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen

  • Product description: Circular vibrating screen is a new type of vibrating screen with circular vibration, multi-layer number and high efficiency. Our circular vibrating screen adopts cylinder eccentric shaft vibrator and pa

  The vibrating screen adopts a disc type coupling with simple structure and easy manufacturing and maintenance, which overcomes the defects of universal coupling. The vibrator adopts a block eccentric structure, which is simple in structure. It can be equipped with a feeding box. The application of the feeding box increases the effective screening area of the vibrating screen, and prolongs the ser vice life of the screen at the feeding end at the same time. The transmission part increases the intermediate transition bearing seat, which passes through the middle. The application of ferr y bearing seat effectively protects the motor and prolongs its ser vice life. The motor is installed on the left side of the screen frame, or on the right side of the screen frame. This series of screen machine is seat mounted. The adjustment of screen inclination angle can be realized by changing the position height of spring support.

Performance Feature

1. The circular vibrating screen is made of spring steel woven screen or perforated screen plate, which has long ser vice life, strong vibration of screen box and is not easy blocked.
2. New structure, advanced technical parameters, large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.
3. The circular vibrating screen cylinder eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, which is convenient for maintenance.
4. The circular vibrating screen can running long-term and high efficiency, which not only saves the cost of operation, but also improves the capacity.

Product parameters

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