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  • Dual-axis washing machine
Dual-axis washing machine

Dual-axis washing machine

  • Product description: Dual-axis washing machine is an efficient and heavy equipment, which can produce commercial grade materials from heavy clay raw materials and overburden.Dual-axis washing machine can be used for vario

l.The shaft ls made of high-grade mild steel for superior durability.

2.Large diameter shaft design ensures minimum deflection and smooth operation while providing maximum material compression and friction.

3. The larger distance between the axles ensures that the material fed Into the Dual-axis washing machine and fall between the axis on the material bed, thus increase service life as possible.

4. The helical design of the blade distributes the working load evenly on the shaft, the shell and the transmission system, which significantly prolongs the service life of t he blade.

5. Through the helical design of the blade, the power can be transmitted effectively, and the material can be scrubbed efficiently.

6. Spiral design, accurate shaft time and optimal blade spacing ensure the best meshing and maximum material friction.

7. High chromium blades are connected to the bracket by high strength bolts embedded in the blades for maximum protection.

8. There are ripples on the blades, which increase the level of energy transfer and the friction applied to the material.

9. The helical design of blades eliminates the intermittent impact loads on axles, bearings and gearboxes., the impact of material on the shaft is minimized at the same time.

10. Replaceable bolts and high chromium wear-resistant shoes on each bracket can prevent the wear of corner braces and bolts.

11. The blade at the leading edge is thicker(RX150 is 75 mm), and the wear of the blade is minimized.

12. Our blade is the largest in the industry, ensuring the maximum energy transfer of materials in the dual-axis washing machine, thus achieving the highest friction level.

Performance Feature

  Even the most challenging feeds, the dual-axis washing machine provides the best performance and minimum wear. Our scope also includes models designed specifically for individual requirements like building and demolition waste recycling.


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